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January 21st, 2014

Poker is no longer a game reserved to men

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  With each year that passes and with each major tournament, it becomes increasingly obvious that women are more than willing to venture into a territory traditionally reserved to men. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to realize why the world of poker used to be populated almost exclusively by men, as it was shrouded in mystery and fairly dangerous. Back in the day, you needed to be not only skilled and lucky but also brave enough to face a plethora of dangers that are now virtually extinct. As poker becomes friendlier and professionals are no longer shunned, but celebrated, the game is appealing and everyone hopes to get a piece of action. Physical strength is irrelevant and all it takes to prevail in this game is skill, patience and some luck. That’s why, women are increasingly present and not only their growing numbers but also their impressive results are keeping the headlines, with this trend expected to accelerate in the upcoming years. There are some who have won prominent tournaments and even more who finished in the money at big events, frequently outshining their male counterparts. While there are few women competing at nosebleed limits at cash games, those who venture into these uncharted waters are not to be taken too lightly. Underestimating them is a surefire recipe of going broke and at these stakes it is particularly painful to lose a large amount to a woman. The reason has nothing to do with gender, but it is simply about money and…

November 5th, 2013

Betting Structures for Limit and No Limit Poker

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An important aspect about playing poker online is the betting strategies used by players.  In order to develop a strategy for any particular poker variant you must understand the different tournament betting structures that apply to your game of choice.  Wikipedia describes betting as follows:  “In the game of poker, the play largely centers on the act of betting, and as such, a protocol has been developed to speed up play, lessen confusion, and increase security while playing. Different games are played using different types of bets, and small variations in etiquette exist between card rooms…” Any money game you choose online will have unstructured, semi-structured, or highly structured betting.  The two most pervasive structures are no limit and fixed limit.   The most popular betting structure is one that you have probably seen on television at the World Series of Poker.  It is the exciting no limit betting format, the most unstructured betting of any format.  The no limit tournaments are filled with drama and can be quite difficult.  The no limit structure gives players the opportunity to bet or raise as much as their chips stack allows and at any betting opportunity.  Aggressive and large bets can lead to wondrous rewards, but can also lose a player his or her entire chips stack.  This is what creates the dramatic moments and makes for exciting entertainment for onlookers.  Though any raises must equal the previous bet, the no limit format does allow players to go all-in if they do not have enough chips to meet the raise…

September 18th, 2013

What Can We Learn From Celebrity Poker Players?

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Poker is a game that has had quite a history when it comes to celebrity players around the felt. This is actually one of the leading reasons why the poker boom of the new millennium happened. With so much celebrity influence, the game suddenly became very fashionable for everyone and more players made it their card game of choice in both recreational settings and within casinos or card rooms. While celebrities have undoubtedly done quite a lot for the game, what are some lessons that we can actually take from their playing styles? Celebrity players undoubtedly have their shortcomings, but provide key lessons for players who are willing to take note of what’s going on in order to better their own game. So, what can celebrities teach us? Let’s find out.   Ray Romano, who is perhaps best known as Raymond Barone from the hit television series Everybody Loves Raymond, has been featured on poker’s biggest stages alongside his on-screen brother, Robert (Brad Garrett). The duo have had an illustrious poker history, but unfortunately their fame errs more on the notorious side of things because the duo haven’t done quite well within the World Series of Poker. Romano in particular exhibits more passive tendencies when playing poker. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with survivalism in poker, in a leading tournament like the World Series of Poker there is a need for aggression because passive players are quickly ousted in the earliest moments of the tournament. The lesson players can take here is that there’s nothing…

September 4th, 2013

The Top Texas Hold’em Mistakes To Avoid

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A successful outcome in a game of Texas Hold’em depends on how best you are able to make critical decision on the table. If you make a serious mistake, it could leave you on the rails. Professional players know when to make critical decisions and avoid mistakes on the tables. Here are some of the mistakes to avoid. You do not take advantage of your position In most poker games, Texas Holdem included, position on the table is crucial. When you act after every player has made a move, you have the benefit of knowing what the rest of the players could be up to. The biggest mistake you could make is failing to make use of your position to build a good bankroll. Over confident poker play When you start winning over your opponents in consecutive Texas Hold’em games, there is likelihood that you may start feeling overconfident. This mistake could lead your poker style to the pit. You might feel justified to think you are finally a pro but remember that poker is a dynamic game where there is always room for improvement. Feeling contented with your current skills may hinder your chances of excelling more. You are too emotional In poker, any player wishing to get good results by the end of a tournament must know how to hide their emotions. You might come across a bad swing and lose a lot of money. Never let emotions and a negative attitude get between you and your style of play. Many Texas Holdem…

August 12th, 2013

A good push-fold game wins Heads-up SNGs

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Playing heads-up sit and goes can be reduced to mastering a binary action, as players are constantly required to shift between push and fold actions. There is no middle ground and players who try to avoid responsibility by resorting to low size wagers are only going to compromise their chances of winning the event. briefly explains the rules of engagement at shorthanded tables in general and heads-up sit and goes in particular. Reducing the entire game strategy to going all in or folding hands is a bit excessive, but beginners are wise to take these two actions very seriously. The reason is that each time they place a sizable raise with mediocre cards, they are exposing themselves to a counteroffensive that could easily get them pot committed. Confrontation is dangerous in both three handed play and heads-up, because things can get out of hand very easily and before you know it you have invested too much to back off. In heads-up you only need to worry about what your opponent will do, and that’s why you should always try to keep pots manageable. The risks of being compelled to invest more chips than you would wish with a certain hand outweigh the benefits of winning slightly more if you are receiving the call you were counting on. Furthermore, every single bet or raise that players make in the heads-up stage of a sit and go needs to be regarded as one step in a short succession of actions. Many beginners commit the mistake of…

August 9th, 2013

Tips for Becoming a Better Razz Poker Player

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If you enjoy playing Razz poker, you are likely a more experienced player that has dabbled in a few other poker variations as well. While Razz is one of the less well-known games in the poker community (particularly in western cultures), it is still a game that you will want to eventually want to learn how to play if you ever plan on improving your range of poker knowledge. And, since the World Series of Poker is now more popular than ever before, it makes sense to learn the rules of the game as H.O.R.S.E. poker is now becoming a well-known mixed game, in which Razz is involved in. Below, you’ll find some helpful tips that you should follow if you ever want to improve your Razz poker game, so that you can play for big money: 1)   Keep track of the face-up cards: Like any other game, Razz poker players must stay alert as they have to observe every action that is being made at the table. Not only do these players have to study and analyze their own cards, but they also have to study their opponents’ gestures, betting patterns and behaviors in addition to keeping track of their opponents’ face-up cards. Analyzing your opponents’ face-up cards is crucial in order to be able to determine whether to fold or continue playing in the hand. Now, while it is not required of Razz poker players to have an extremely powerful memory, the game definitely requires you to bear in mind the face-up cards…

July 1st, 2013

Zoom Poker – Poker For Those In A Hurry

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On this site we like to bring you information on all of the different variations and formats of poker that are available for all of us poker fans to play. The latest format we are going to take you through is Zoom poker, a new format that cuts out all of the niggling waiting time, so that you can concentrate on one thing and one thing only…playing poker. Zoom poker is already proving to be extremely popular amongst players of all stakes, with the game allowing players the chance to see literally ten times the amount of hands per hour than normal. It works on a fast fold format that allows you to fold your hand before you are even supposed to act and then sits you at another table to see another starting hand. You can then fold again if you do not like your hand and are then sent to yet another table. This format appeals greatly to those types of players that find themselves getting impatient; it keeps them actively involved at all times. If you are the type of person that gets frustrated with waiting around for a good hand and then plays a marginal hand and loses simply out of boredom, then Zoom poker is definitely for you. What you will find though is that if you are the kind of person that likes to play loose poker, this may not be a suitable format for you. This format is perfect for the tight aggressive players that only play the…

Poker is one of the few forms of gambling that gives everyone an equal chance to win a large amount of money. Of course, the odds are the same for everyone paying into the slot machine to hit the jackpot. However, the difference lies within the amount of contribution necessary for each player. In reality, with a slots jackpot, you would pay in to get an immediate result where you are extremely unlikely to win. With poker, you can pay to play in tournaments with a sliding scale of prizes and have an equal chance to win the top prize. How Much Can You Win Playing Online Poker? This is what makes online poker so great. Anyone can become a millionaire overnight. The amount you can win will be dependent on the tournaments you play. You will want to be at the most active poker site, because that means more players in the tournament and more players means more money in the prize pool. You will also want to target high-value guaranteed tournaments that provide the largest payouts for top prizes. The Sunday Million No Limit Texas Holdem Poker at PokerStars is a great example. It requires a buy-in of $200 + $15 to play. There may be around 5,500 to 6,500 players involved at once. First place can award over $200,000 if no chop deal is made at the final table. There is also the Sunday Warm-Up, which has the same buy-in and around half the entrants. This tournament pays out around $100,000 for…

Inherently, poker is a game of incomplete information. This means that every decision is made without having full access to all of the relevant details needed to make the most optimal choice at every stage of a hand. Famed poker writer and player David Sklansky once posited that every time a person acts in accordance with what their opponent holds, they profit. With that in mind, the idea of being able to read an opponent’s hand is not the magical skill that it is made out to be. Instead, it is a calculated operation of taking every hand an opponent could hold and then narrowing it down to the most likely ones. Readers of will be able to use these principles to get better at reading hands. The importance of hand reading based on incomplete information could not be greater. A case in point would be a player who holds pocket Aces on a rainbow board of Ace-Ten-Seven-Four. Assuming the player raised preflop and made a continuation bet on the flop, the next step requires a read of their opponent’s hand. If the player thinks that their opponent has a strong hand like pocket Tens, then a large pot size bet or even an overbet is the right move as it will likely be called with little chance of the opponent winning. However, an opponent may have a hand like King-Queen or Jack-Nine, both of which only have a small chance of winning. As such, a smaller bet would be needed to keep them in…

April 4th, 2013

Table Position And Just How Vital It Is

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No matter what variation of poker you like to play the most, you will find one common basic strategy across all of them. This strategy is using your position in the correct manner in which to be successful on a consistent basis. What most beginners do not realise is just how powerful having position on their opponents is, with many of them simply playing exactly the same way no matter where they are in regards to their position at the table. If we were to use the most common variation of poker in Texas holdem as an example, a hand like the Qd-Jd might look pretty good when you are in early position on a full table of players, yet in reality it is not. That kind of hand may warrant you to put an early minimum raise in, yet is it the sort of hand that you are going to call a re-raise and possibly another re-raise with? We seriously doubt it as there could be players with higher cards and possibly even pocket pairs behind you. You will then have little choice but to fold your hand and lose the chips that you had already bet. To avoid this a player should not play marginal hands from early position, no matter how tempting they are. Stick to premium hands from here and fold just about everything else. Whilst new players often get caught out when playing from early position, they also do not know how to use late position to their advantage effectively….