American Impact On Japanese Music

If you look back in history and our “relationship” with the Japanese it might not surprise you to know that our culture has influenced theirs in many ways. You could argue the same about ours and one would only need to turn on the TV to understand. If you get your television through then you might have noticed how we have taken the formats of some of their most popular shows and molded them to fit in our own televisions, but how have we influenced Japan or their music.

Most of our influence comes in the form of this ideal lifestyle we invented where a person had to go out and get what they want regardless of others. Such a thing is actually quite unheard of in the Japanese culture but little by little it’s starting to come out in the culture. Terms we have invented, clothing we have created, even our own language is being used by Japanese singers in their songs. In fact, in many Japanese pop songs, English words are interspersed with Japanese lyrics to serve as nothing more than a kind of “ear grab” to anyone passing by. Our culture is so popular and known to them that our language is often used as a kind of grabber in advertising and in music. Let’s just hope that’s all it’s used for.

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